Kids do WWE Baby!!


WWE  Whether you like it or not, you can't avoid the popularity of the pro-wrestling movement.  It has become a HUGE success and is now a Billion Dollar industry, globally. Why is it so popular? Many liken pro-wrestling to a travelling circus. You have the acrobatics, dance routines, humour, amazing outfits and above all, high quality entertainment.  It's no surprise that the popularity has led to an extraordinary following of adults and children, and it shows no sign of slowing down either.

But what about kids doing WWE?  We know that a large proportion of the followers is made up of children.  We also know that children are highly likely to make up a huge proportion of the buying power for the wide range of merchandise on offer (which is not cheap!), but what about kids actually doing pro-wrestling? 

My son, who is 9, started to show a keen interest in WWE around a year ago.  The keen interest soon became a passionate obsession and I can honestly say that not a day has gone by without him watching You-Tube clips and practicing his signature moves on his massive teddy.  It's been an education for me too, I now know what a Suplex move is, an F5 and best of all, I now know who Seth Rollins is (yes ladies, definitely google him).

Recently, after pestering a WWE star who trains at the same gym as me (his name is Jack Starz by the way, and his instagram page is well worth a follow was given a recommendation for a few gyms in Leics who ran pro-wrestling.  After following their facebook pages for a little while, I noticed something that made me shout out loud! A gym was rolling out kids pro-wrestling!!!!  FTGU (From the Ground Up Gym, Leics  My 9 year old jumped at the opportunity and we booked a 4 week course.  Arriving for the first week, I was expecting a very conservative, careful and overly-cautious session on how to roll/fall/move etc.  It was nothing like that at all!! After establishing that my 9 year old could (as kids do) fall, roll, tumble onto a mat, the coaches wasted no time in teaching complex arm transitions, full nelsons, front and back wrist locks and best of all, rolls to escape out of these trappings.  The session was absolutely mind blowing, watching my boy roll in and out of restraints and learning the trademark face of 'agony', taught so well by his coach.  The icing on the cake was finding out (and seeing all the photos on the wall) that the coach was in fact the trainer for the actors in the recent movie 'Fighting with My Family' (which we had literally watched the night before the first session!!)  If you, or your kids are into WWE, watch this movie.  It is absolutely brilliant.

So far, we have competed week 2 of 4 weeks and my boy has confidently announced that 'I may as well buy him some proper wrestling boots because he will be staying at this club'.  That was me told.  After seeing him compete his mat experience in the first week, he was given the opportunity to do what he really wanted to do from the very start, get into the ring.  I don't think I have ever seen such an expression of pure delight on his face like that before and I definitely want to see more of it.  

If your child loves WWE, get on Google and find out who is running pro wrestling near you.  You won't regret it.  For me, I get an hour every Sunday watching the face of the happiest boy in the world.  Priceless.

FTGU can be found at Unit 36, Faircharm industrial estate, Leicester LE3 2BU. Tel 07772 695050.  They also have a facebook Page (FTGU Wrestling Events Page).  


Ginny Tarelli is a family photographer in Leics and can be contacted via her website